Josh and I recently discussed the recording process our band has been doing, sitting in a hot car close to midnight- I do not recommend doing this. To be clear, I'm talking about sitting in a hot car around midnight. If you've been following Rosu Lup for any length of time then you might be aware of the fact that we're working on our debut album. However, you might not know how long we've been working on it, or some of the ups and downs along the way.

August of 2014 we went into Miner Street Recordings to track the first song for the album. Jonathan Low (The National/Sharon Van Etten... and more.) produced the track, an experience that has helped shape every recording since. At the time we had "an album" written, but those songs aren't the album that you will eventually hear. Since writing last summer we've gone through some roster changes, songwriting has developed, and we've began to experiment with some different sounds. All of these things we're really happy about. 

Both Josh and I enjoy hiking and camping, though we've never gone together- something that needs to change. During our conversation we likened the process of creating an album to hiking a really good mountain, not the kind you're likely to find close to Philadelphia, we're talking about real mountains. The journey is fantastic, but arriving at the peak can seem to take much longer than anticipated. That's what this process has been like. A fantastically long hike with the company of your good friends. 

We thought we had finally reached the peak, and that the album was finished. Yet, it turns out we weren't finished. After we had mastered all the tracks Josh and I were discussing a few songs written during the recording process that felt in kin to the album. While we budgeted a certain (crazy) amount for the album, and had exhausted that amount, we still felt the need to track at least one more song. Around the same time a producer we've been hoping to have the chance to work with at some point had approached us about working together in the near future. So needless to say, we are going back into the studio the first weekend in October to track the last song (we promise) for our album.

What we can tell you thus far- we're really, really excited to share the tracks. We've had the chance to work with some really awesome people on the album- Joshua Stamper, Chris Powell (Man Man), Jonathan Low, Lou Rogai (Lewis & Clarke), and Joe Bisirri (The Lawsuits). There will be 10 tracks on the album. A few labels have expressed interest in releasing the album. We hope to release the album in early winter. 

Our hope is that we can share something new mid-October. We have a music video done and hope to have another completed around the end of September/beginning of October. We'll be playing Philly in October, as well as a few other gigs, so please keep an eye out.